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This year I will use this page to showcase the best writing from our Learning Group. I hope that this can become a great forum to share your ideas and achievements in 2015! Throughout the year we will also have “100 Word Challenge” competitions and the winning pieces of writing will be shown here also! So… Start writing!

Do children spend too much time on technology?

By Lilly Cunningham.

In my opinion I believe children spend too much of their everyday lives playing on technology. Does your child play on technology 27/7? Here are some reasons your should consider thinking about.

Firstly, I believe kids start playing on technology when they are bored and once they get in the habit they get addicted and that means they will have playing on technology as one of their main priorities. Did you know that some kids play on their technology for over 3 hours a day?

Secondly, playing on technology usually leads to staring at a screen for a long period of time. when kids stare at screens for long periods of time it can effect their vision and they might end up needing eye glasses. After a while considering kids stare at screens they could get very painful headaches. 

Lastly, it isn’t good to stare at screens 24/7 because it isn’t good for your health because you aren’t moving around and you get unfit. 

For these reasons I strongly continue to argue that kids spend too much time on technology!

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