Problem Solving Maths

Term 4, Week 7

Green Problem: In a bag there are some balls. I draw out one ball and it is red. I put it back and draw again. This time the ball is black. I put it back. After ten draws, I have drawn out three red and seven black. How many balls might there be in the bag and how many might be black?

Orange Problem: Madeleine three two dice and when they landed she subtracted one number from the other and wrote down the answer ‘1’. What might the numbers on each dice have been?



Term 4, Week 5

 SHAPE Post-Assessment

Screenshot 2015-08-31 16.48.34

School Code: OLSC2015

Log In: Your OLSC number – number only!

Password: Your OLSC number – number only!

Your Challenge: 

Design a spinner that has 1/3 (one-third) chance of landing on RED


Term 4, Week 4

I was watching television and I noticed that the hands of a clock made an acute angle (smaller than 90º right angle).

What program might I have been watching?

What time might I have been watching television?


Also, finish your symmetry picture from last Friday. 

Term 4, Week 3

Magazine Mirrors

Your task today is to choose a page from a magazine that has interesting pictures on it. Cut it in half and stick it onto a page in your book.

Then, you need to draw the mirror image of the magazine page.

Term 4, Week 1

Screenshot 2015-10-07 15.11.00

Term 3, Week 4

Sally and David have agreed to work for their Mum over the holidays. The pay they get will vary though. Sally will get $10 for the first day she works and two more dollars for every day she works after that. David, on the other hand, will get $1 for the first day he works but for each day he works from then on his pay will be doubled. Who would you rather be and why?

Extension: After how many days will David’s Mum run out of money?



Term 3, Week 2

1. There is something you do after you get out of bed and before you go to school that takes approximately four minutes. What might it be?

2. The hands of a clock make an angle that it less than a quarter of a turn. What time might it be? 

3. What is something you can do in exactly 100 times in one minute?


Term 3, Week 1

My Typical Day

Your Task: Show 8 things you do in an ordinary day. Draw and write a description about each activity. Then, draw a 12-hour clock showing the time the activity normally happens.

Extension: Write the time as you would see it on a digital clock using a.m. and p.m.

Term 2, Week 8




The perimeter of a pentagon is 35cm. ​

What is the length of each side, in both cm ​and​ mm?

What would the length of each side be if it were a square?

What would the length of each side be if it were an equilateral triangle?



Term 2, Week 7


Your challenge: How many ways can you draw a shape with the perimeter of 10cm?


Term 2, Week 4

Location: A-Mazing!

Image result for maze

Have you ever been caught in a maze? How did you get out? Why was the maze so difficult to escape from?

Today – your task is to design a maze! Make sure it’s a tricky one!

After you have made the maze, write down the directions how to get through the maze.

Now, share your maze and directions with a friend to see if they can use the directions to get out of the maze!

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