Perimeter: Victoria, Sonny, Parjoban, Lomani, Rakshana.

  • I can use scaled instruments to measure and compare lengths, masses, capacities and temperatures
  • I can read and interpret the graduated scales on a range of measuring instruments to the nearest graduation
  • I can compare objects using familiar metric units of area and volume

Week 6 Must Do Activities

1. Measurement Words:

Complete the definitions of the following Measurement words – Length, Perimeter, Area, Mass, Capacity, Volume.


2.  Foot Rulers:

Using the foot rulers we are making Monday, complete the following for 10 things in the learning space –

  • Estimate how long each thing is in your foot (2 feet, 1/2 a foot) and in cms (10cms, 25cms).
  • Measure each thing using your foot ruler in both feet and cm measures.
  • Order the things from shortest to longest.


3. Trundle Wheel:

Using the trundle wheel, you may work in a pair or small group, estimate and then measure how long different things are on the sportsfield (lines around the netball court, around the small yellow courts, the soccer court, the fence).


4. Converting between units of measure:

Complete the following, writing the answers in your workbook:

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