Gingerbread Houses

You are architects designing gingerbread houses.

Your client has asked you to make sure the walls have an area of 20cm squared. 

Draw the designs for your house, work out the area and perimeter of each wall and the roof panels. 



Christmas Feast!

Coles Catalogue 1

Woolworths Catalogue 1

Click on the links above to see Coles and Woolworths catalogues. Use these catalogues to buy everything you might need to create a Christmas Feast for 6 people! Your budget is $200. Don’t forget that some items are priced each and some, like meat and seafood, are priced per kilo (you might need a ham or turkey that is 2 or 3 kilos).





Monday, Week 8

Probability Post-Assessment

Screenshot 2015-08-31 16.48.34

School Code: OLSC2015

Log In: Your OLSC number – number only!

Password: Your OLSC number – number only!

Once you have finished…


1. Find your own definition of area

Write it on a flash card so we can create a class display.


2. Ordering items from smallest to largest surface area.

Choose 10 items in the learning space from smallest to largest surface area – create a slideshow to share on your google site.



Thursday, Week 7


Click on the image above to go to the PAT Maths website. 

LOG IN: student number only – no OLSC

PASSWORD: southern

Select the PAT Maths test


Term 4, Week 6


Online Spinner!!!


Probability Pre-Assessment

Screenshot 2015-08-31 16.48.34

School Code: OLSC2015

Log In: Your OLSC number – number only!

Password: Your OLSC number – number only!

Once you have finished…

Sizzling Spinners

Create a spinner with at least 3 different colours, up to 6 different colours. Use the spinner templates provided.

Then test your spinner, recording the results of 50 spins in your Maths book.

Create a table and graph to show the results.

How could you represent the results as fractions?

What is the chance that your spinner will land on a particular colour on your spinner? 


Term 4, Week 4


Angles – Right angles, greater than, less than…


1. Classifying Angles…

In your book, create a grid with 3 columns – right angles, greater than, and less than.

In each column, write down and draw 10 examples of each.

2. Angles Classifying Game

Practice classifying angles by playing THIS GAME.


3. Studyladder

Go to Studyladder and complete the ANGLES SET TASKS.



Term 4, Week 3


What is Symmetry?


Your challenge is you choose to accept: 

Create a presentation of all the things in the real world where you might find symmetry!








Screenshot 2015-10-20 08.04.41

Use PATTERN BLOCKS to trace around to create 2D shape patterns. Overlap some to create different shapes like above! 

Draw it in your maths book and then copy it onto a piece of white paper to display in the Learning Space. 




Term 4 – Week 1

 SHAPE Pre-Assessment

Screenshot 2015-08-31 16.48.34

School Code: OLSC2015

Log In: Your OLSC number – number only!

Password: Your OLSC number – number only!


Problem Solving Friday – Tessellations

1. Fractions Pre-Assessment

Screenshot 2015-08-31 16.48.34

School Code: OLSC2015

Log In: Your OLSC number – number only!

Password: Your OLSC number – number only!


I can solve real life division problems.

I can recall multiplication and division facts up to 10 x 10.


Week 7 – Monday

Look each of the following pictures. Write as many different number sentences as you can about each picture, e.g 3×4=12.

Extension: Can you create story sentences for each number sentence, e.g. Robert wanted to give lolly bags to his friends for his birthday. He had 4 friends and put 3 lollies in each bag. How many lollies did Robert need?

1. Egg Carton

2. Muffin Tray

3. Box of Chocolates

4. Fruit – Red Apples

5. Chessboard Squares

6. Make Up


Use hands on material to create the following problems as demonstrated.

1. You have 24 cookies and want to share them equally between 6 people. How many cookies does each person get?

2. 20 ÷ 5 = ?

3. A cereal box holds 18 cups of cereal. Each serving is 2 cups. How many servings are in the whole box?

4. 36 ÷ 6 = ?

5. It takes 3 eggs to make a cake. How many cakes can you make with 36 eggs?

6. 56 ÷ 8 = ?



1. Watch the video and write down 3 things you learn.


2. Using counters, MAB, paddle sticks, teddies, solve the following division problems. Take photos and upload on your google site. How might you show how you worked each problem out in your book?


  1.  Fred goes out to lunch with Sally and Alyssa. The total bill came to 24 dollars. They decided to equally split up the bill, how much will each person have to pay?


  1. Mary, Sam, and Jason have 18 crayons all together. If the crayons are equally divided, how many will each person get?


  1. Sandy worked 30 hours in the last five days. Assuming that she worked the same amount of hours each day, how long did she work each day?


  1. A teacher has 60 pieces of candy. If there are 12 students, and the candy is divided evenly, How many pieces will each student get?

5. A shoe salesperson took 25 shoeboxes and arranged them into stacks of 5. How many stacks did the salesperson make?



Screenshot 2015-08-04 06.13.39

Lucky you! 

You are throwing a party for you and 9 of your friends! You have $100 to spend on everything you need (drinks and snacks). 

Use the multiplication strategies and addition strategies to work out a budget showing how you will spend the money.

Challenge: How would you spend $300? 

Screenshot 2015-08-04 06.18.27Screenshot 2015-08-04 06.19.15Screenshot 2015-08-04 06.19.39Screenshot 2015-08-04 06.20.57Screenshot 2015-08-04 06.21.57Screenshot 2015-08-04 06.22.57

You can also see catalogues at


Use the multiplication grid from Fiona

Colour in all the multiplication facts you know automatically

Write the list of multiplication facts you need to learn

Complete a poster for strategies for multiplication facts.

eg 2 x tables = doubles

4 x tables= double 2’s 



Array City

Your task is to build a city!

Design a building that has 24/18/12 windows.

At the bottom of the building write the X problem.

How many different buildings can you design with the same number of windows.




Target 1000

This is how to set up your table…


Find the meaning of different time language:

  • hour
  • minute
  • second
  • midday
  • midnight
  • analogue
  • o’clock
  • ‘past’
  • ‘to’
  • ‘am’
  • ‘pm’

Term 2, Week 9

Your task today: Create your own Magic Potion! 

Draw your ‘Cauldron’

Draw inside it the different ingredients, including measurements

List the ingredients below.


Term 2, Week 5

Monday – Location and Mapping Post-Assessment

Username is your number

Password is your number



Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 5.58.16 pm


Term 2, Week 4

Must Do Grids

2 Directioners – Edwin, Jack, Casseus, Aiden, Venice.

Screenshot 2015-05-03 10.46.16W42DirectionersGrid


1 Directioners – Ella, Sonny, Parjoban, Serena, Seth, Alana.

Screenshot 2015-05-03 10.54.06



Legends 2 – Kelly, Maja, Zaina, Victoria, Jacob, James.

Screenshot 2015-05-03 11.02.01



Legends 1 – Alyssa, Lilly, Rakshana, Charli, Anuki, Elijah.

Screenshot 2015-05-03 11.10.14







Term 2, Week 3

Learning Centre Treasure Map Challenge:

Draw a map of the learning space.
Think of a place in the learning centre to ‘hide’ a treasure.
Write directions to the treasure from our learning space. DO NOT put an X on the map.
Now give your map to a partner.
Partner to use the instructions to find the treasure. In red pen your partner traces where they go.



Sailing around the world!

Paul wants to set sail and retrace the First Fleet.

Use this map of the voyage of the First Fleet:


AND Google Earth:


YOUR TASK: Draw your own map of the First Fleet journey and write directions to help Paul sail – use directional language like left, right, North, South, East, West.


Extension Try to include in your directions measurement eg. length to travel such in kms.

Term 2, Week 1

This week you are challenged to get 100 points (or more) using the following grid… But you must complete at least one activity from each column!!


Good luck!



Week 8 & 9

OLSC Playtime

Image result for playground

Jennifer wants to know how students are using the different areas in the yard at break times.

  • Which areas are students’ favourite?
  • Do people like the paddock?
  • Who is using the paddock?
  • How are they using it?


Survey students to answer these and any other questions you can think of. Create a data display, with or without technology, including tables, column graphs or picture graphs.

You may work in groups no bigger than 3.

What is the data telling us?



Problem Solving – Week 7


1. Robert went into Coles to do some shopping. After he paid, he received $2.15 in change. What would be the price of his shopping be if he gave them $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100.

2. John did a subtraction problem last night, but because he has a shocking short-term memory can only remember the answer…

   Π Π Π

– Π Π Π


        5  7

What might the missing numbers be? Try to describe all possible answers.


Thursday, Week 7

Screenshot 2015-03-11 15.16.46

Must Do Activities – Week 6

1. Place Value Think board

Choose a 4 or 5 digit number and complete a thinkboard about that number. Trim the page and glue it in your Maths book. 

Screenshot 2015-03-02 11.03.23

2. Real life Addition

Using one of the addition strategies you have learnt in Focus Group, either Number lines, using Place Value, or one of the strategies displayed in the Learning Group space, complete the following activity – make sure you show your working out in your Maths workbook!

You have $10,000 to spend to buy furniture for your bedroom. You will need to buy a bed, a desk and a side table. You may also buy any other items you like:

Answer the following:

  • What is the total cost?
  • Do you have any change from $12 999
  • Make a slideshow to represent what you have purchased.



Must Do Activities – Week 5

1. Real Life Addition


Super Holiday 

You have won $2000 to spend at the OLSC Holiday Resort.  Study the Things to Do List below and decide how you and your friend will spend the $5000 in 5 days.

Luckily the air ticket and accommodation are already paid for



Bike Hire- $35 per day

Lunch $14 each

Dinner $45 each

Snorkelling lesson $16 hour

Surfing Lesson $18 hour

Magazines $7 each

Haunted House visit $25 each

Movies $12 each

Water World Park $21 each


2. Race to 100

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 6.18.33 pm

3. Studyladder

Complete addition and subtraction activities set for you in Studyladder.



Must Do Activities – Week 4

Complete the following activities in your Maths workbook.

Screenshot 2015-02-16 08.00.32

(In Question 6, write the 4 numbers from smallest to largest.)


Must Do Activities – Week Three

Problem Solving Friday – Place Value

1. How many numbers can you write with 8 in the hundreds place?

Option 1 – Only write numbers in the thousands (4 digits)

Option 2 – Come up with all the options up to numbers in the ten thousands (5 digits)

You could write out all of the different options… But is there a quicker and easier way to find this out? Which strategy would be best to use?


2. How many numbers can you make using the digits 1, 2, 3 and 4? You can only use each digit once in each number.

Remember, you need to use all the digits once in each number… there are many possibilities… Which is the best strategy to use from your toolbox?


3. Odd Ball Numbers.

The object of this activity is to find the sum of the first 25 odd counting numbers. One way is to add 1 + 3 + 5…continuing until you have added the first 25 odd numbers. However, this is too much work for the problem. Look for patterns and combinations to find a much easier way to solve this. Apply what you have learned from this problem and find the sum of the first 25 even counting numbers.




Screenshot 2015-02-09 17.03.18



Week One – Number Game.

See how you go against a partner.


Try some of these online games to get your math’s brain back into gear!


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