Week 9


Fashion Designers – Clothing Design

I can design an appropriate outfit for my selected scenario.


Success criteria:

I can draw a head-to-toe outfit.

I can label each item of clothing in the outfit.

I can describe the materials that each item of clothing is made from. 

I can describe the properties of each material and why you used them for your clothing. 

I can present my learning in a neat manner.

I can present my learning on an A3 piece of paper as part of class book. 


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Week 7 – Thursday

Leak, Soak and Repel

Make sure you have glued your ‘Leak, soak and repel’ sheet in your Inquiry book.

After reflecting on our experiment on Tuesday, answer the following questions in your Inquiry book:

  1. Which materials soaked up a lot of food dye? What happened to the dye?
  2. Which materials didn’t soak up any food dye? What happened to the dye?
  3. Which materials, if any, soaked up a little food dye then leaked? What happened to the dye?
  4. Which material soaked up the most food dye?
  5. What kinds of things use materials that soak up a lot of water?
  6. What kind of things use materials that don’t soak up water?
  7. What kinds of things use materials that soak up a little water then leak?

Now, write the meaning of each of these words in your workbook…

  • absorb
  • waterproof
  • soak
  • leak
  • repel



Click on the below links to discover some amazing facts plastics:

  • Investigate properties of plastics used to make products such as DVDs and skateboard wheels.
  • Identify properties needed for an electric kettle, an egg-lifter, a helmet and shoe soles.
  • Test a range of properties such as melting point, tensile strength and flexibility.

Plastics –


In your inquiry books, write some 5 interesting facts you have learnt about plastic.

Then, answer the following questions:

Find out which plastic is most suitable for each product:

  1. Electric Kettle
  2. Egg-lifter
  3. Helmet
  4. Shoe Soles



Objects, Materials and their Properties.

  1. What is the object (clothing)? 

  2. What material(s) is it made of?

  3. Is the material natural or processed? Why do you think it?

  4. Why do you think this material was chosen?




Rio Olympics

Olympics – IOC



Your Task: Create a concept map/timeline of the process of making news reports and movies. Reflect on the process of making your report, what you did well and what could be done better next time.!/digibook/1190931/news-reporting-collection


Inquiry Term 2

Screenshot 2015-06-05 07.54.15

Websites for Explorers

Christopher Columbus:

James Cook – Excellent website!



 MyEdApp Quest for Researching


Log in: olsc email

Password: olsc

Class: LC2 Year 4/5/6

Great Explorers Quest



What is a great journey?

Who went on these journeys?

What movies do I know of great journeys?

Are there only sea journeys?


Why did the great journeys of exploration occur?

Why were the European nations interested in Australia in the years before 1800?

Why do people explore?





Go to this website:

Choose an explorer – De Gama, Cortes, Columbus, or Pizzaro – and create a facebook page for him. Include on the facebook page:

  • When born
  • When died
  • Occupation
  • Where did he explore?
  • Best known for…?
  • 3 Fun facts
  • Draw a picture


Once finished, explore this website:

Screenshot 2015-05-07 08.01.10






What are some questions you would ask Flinders and Baudin if you could meet them today?

Write 6 interesting things you have learned from the video.

Write 3 wonderings you have about the age of exploration.

Week 3

Screenshot 2015-04-29 10.19.27

Life in 18th Century Britain


The First Fleet


Inquiry – Term 1: Civics and Citizenship

What is an organisation, club, group you belong to?

What are the rules, expectations, laws that make the group run smoothly and fair for all?

Who made those rules/laws?

Do these rules/laws change often or are the set?

Can you add rules?



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