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Monday, Week 7


Click on the image above to go to the PAT Reading website. 

LOG IN: student number only – no OLSC

PASSWORD: southern

Select the PAT Reading test (NOT PAT Maths)



glitter maker
Today you will spend some time updating your Google Site. Your site should have the following:

  • English Page – with work you have done in Reading and Writing including Big Write. You should have examples of Poetry you have written this Term.

  • Maths Page – with work from this Term so far, including Problem Solving Fridays. You should have work about shapes, angles, symmetry or tessellations.

  • Religion Page – with work from this Term about the Mass and other celebrations.

  • Inquiry Page – with work from Term 3.

  • Reflection Page – with weekly reflections as well as a reflection about the Production.

  • Inquiry Term 4 Page – with some work you have done so far about Chemical Sciences.


Once you have looked over your Google Site and updated it with lots of work, find someone who has also finished and use the Peer Review rubric to look over each other’s sites and give feedback about how your sites could be improved.

glitter maker


Term 4, Week 4


Spelling – Focus is the digraph /ch/ making the “k” sound as in school.

In your work books, write down a STUDENT-FRIENDLY definition for each of your words.

Then, complete the SMART process for three of them in your book, as John showed you.


Ballad Poetry Illustration

After reading the ballad ‘Click go the Shears, boys’ as a class, illustrate a verse from the poem in pairs. Write the verse at the bottom of the page!




Term 4  – Week 1

Term 3 Week 10

Please FINISH the following by the end of today:

1. Narrative Short Story

Make sure you have finished a draft of your narrative, conferenced with John, then published by hand or Google Docs. Give John the draft and final copy!

2. Learning Goals – Learning Conversation

Go to your Google Drive –> Learning Goals –> T3 Learning Conversation

3. Google Site Peer Reflection

Look at a friend’s Google Site and comment on the different pages. 



Term 3, Week 6

1. After reading ‘Fire’ by Jackie French as a group, complete the following activity:

Directors and Actors – Sketch to sketch (What happened at the beginning? What else happened? How did it end?)

Producers and Presenters – Double Entry Journal


Term 3, Week 4

Monday – Task 1: Choose one of the characters below and draw it in your book. Then write adjectives around it that describe how it looks, acts and feels.

Monday – Task 2: Complete the Character Captain literature circle role in your Google Drive. Choose characters from your focus group reading text.

Actors – ‘Bad Smell’

Producers – ‘Backyard Survivor’

Directors – ‘Billy Sings in the Choir’.

  1. Go to Sunshine Online.
  2. Username: olsc1      Password: olsc1
  3. Go to Learning Space 3
  4. Level 18 – ‘Billy Sings in the Choir’

Presenters – ‘The Snow Race’

  1. Go to Sunshine Online.
  2. Username: olsc1      Password: olsc1
  3. Go to Learning Space 3
  4. Level 25 – ‘The Snow Race’

 Tuesday – Task 1: Add your new spelling words (on the Spelling-THRASS page) to your spelling pad in the back of your book. Then complete an activity from the spelling grid.


Tuesday – Task 2: Create a Book Cover for the narrative text you are writing in Big Write. Draw an interesting picture on the front and write a short ‘blurb’ on the back cover page.

Term 3, Week 3 – Must Do’s

1. Big Edit – complete Big Edit of your writing from Week 2.

2. Spelling – Complete MASUTA in your workbook for 3 of your spelling list words. Practice spelling your words in the back of your English book for your test on Friday.

3. Character Captain – Complete the Character Captain for your Focus Group text.


Pat-R Testing

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 10.52.30 am

Username: olsc number (do not put olsc) eg 255

Password: southern



Week 1 Activity Grid


#1 The Meaning of Anzac Day

After watching the video, in your English books, write down some of the different responses people gave in the video. Then write down what Anzac Day means to you. Why?


#2 Flanders Field

Screenshot 2015-04-11 15.33.06

In Flanders Field Activity

Read the poem In Flanders Field and complete the activity.


#8 My Holidays – Recount:

Recount Organiser for Chns BooksGH




 Screenshot 2015-02-16 20.13.31


Week Two Must Do Activities

 1. Learning Intention: I can uplevel my writing.

Complete this activity to show how well you can Up Level sentences to add more excitement to your writing. (English Book)



2. Learning Intention: I can use collective nouns appropriately.

Write these sentences into you workbook including the correct collective noun. (English Book)

collective nouns


3. Learning Intention: I can share with others information about me.

Complete the “About Me” profile in your neatest handwriting and glue it in to your English book.


4. Learning Intention: I can find information about Australia.

All About Australia

  1. Draw our National Flag
  2. Name 3 Australian States
  3. Name an Australian Sportsperson
  4. What animal is on the 5c coin?
  5. On what point is the Sydney Opera House?
  6. Name two famous Australian Natural and man-made tourist attractions
  7. What is the Capital city of Australia?
  8. Explain how a boomerang works
  9. Name 2 Australian snakes
  10. Name 2 famous Australian food dishes
  11. Name 3 native Australian animals
  12. What is our Australian anthem?
  13. Name 3 famous Australian songs
  14. Name 2 native Australian plants
  15. What do you like most about Australia


5. Learning Intention: I can present my work in a neat manner.

Complete the activities of the grid from Friday, including the front pages of your workbooks.

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