Athletics Day 2015

On Friday 27th November it was Athletics Day. It was the perfect weather for lots of different sports and activities. Our Athletics Day took place at school and across the road at Manor Lakes oval. All students of OLSC participated in the different sports and athletics activities, along with the students the teachers and many parents contributed to the smooth running of the day by leading the different activities. In addition the sports leaders helped by guiding groups of students to their activities during the day.

Why fun, for exercise, release stress, show your ability, to determine best house, fitness…

trying new things, new sports, working with different people, team work, working within our school community, leadership skills for students leaders, core values



The Year 3 to 6 students went to the oval and the Prep to 2 students stayed at school.

Term 4, Week 6 Reflection

This week we have enjoyed our Chemical Science Inquiry because we participated in a fun dress-up relay and we began our first experiment for our unit. For the experiment we buried different materials in soil to see if they decompose. In Maths this week we enjoyed our spinner chance experiments. In Maths we learnt that if each colour has equal size on the spinner, then there is equal chance that the spinner will land on each colour. We also learnt that most fruits and vegetables decompose.

Term 4, Week 5 Reflection

This week we really enjoyed Wednesday because it was a non-Specialist rotation day. On this day we did some Art with Adam, and with Robert we conducted a science experiment in which we made ice-cream in a bag. The ice-cream tasted like vanilla ice-cream, even without vanilla in it – it was awesomely delicious. Also this week, we have enjoyed starting our new Inquiry about Chemical Science and in particular we enjoyed examining different types of gloves. Plus, we loved the fact that this week was only 3 days long!!!

Some interesting things that we have learnt this week include the chance dice game and about spinning tops (that didn’t work properly). We learnt how to make ice-cream without an ice-cream machine or a freezer. In Art with Adam we learnt how to create a drawing with a vanishing point in the middle of the page.

Our goal for next week is to pay more attention while on the floor and to respect each other when people are talking.

Special Events in Week 5

Can you believe it?… it’s already Week 5 of Term4!

There are a few special things happening this week to make note of.

On Wednesday, we won’t have specialists, but we will be having special ROTATIONS including some Sport, Art, Science, Literacy and Google Site work.

On Thursday we begin the day with our LAST WHOLE SCHOOL MASS of the year. Invite Mum, Dad or someone special to join us in our celebration, in the Sports Centre at 9:15am.

In the middle block on Thursday we will enjoy a special MATHS PRODUCTION in LC2.

Finally, on Friday we will end our week with a Learning Centre assembly when we will FAREWELL FIONA and wish her all the best as she prepares for the birth of her new baby!

Glitter Text Generator

I hope that you have had a great holidays! I really enjoyed my holiday in London and Germany… It was short but lot’s of fun! I have put up some pics if you want to check them out – click on the Flickr link in the side bar!

This Term will be a really busy one… We have the production, Learning Conversations and of course Christmas at the end!! (I’m excited!) So let’s make sure we use this Term effectively, work really hard but also enjoy your last Term as a Year 4!!!

Yr 4 Excursion

Year 4 Excursion – Melbourne Museum

As part of our Inquiry learning unit this term, Great Explorations, First Contacts, the Year 4 students will be going on excursion to the Bunjilaka – Aboriginal Cultural Centre at the Melbourne Museum.. Students will participate in a self-guided learning trail. After recess, they will also have the chance to explore the other exhibits at the Museum.

 The excursion will be on Monday, 15th June 2015

 The bus will depart school promptly at 9am and return at approximately 2:45pm for a normal finish to the day.

 Students will be required to bring recess, lunch and a pencil in a small bag (a plastic bag will suffice). Students will not be able to take their school bags to the Museum.

 Staff attending the excursion are John, Gloria, Celie, and Elizabeth.

First Eucharist


First Eucharist

On Sunday, 2 May 2015, 25 students celebrated the Sacrament of Eucharist for the first time. 

We congratulate them on making this very special sacrament, and keep them in our prayers as they continue to grow in the love of Jesus, who gives us His Body and Blood in Eucharist. 


ANZAC Day Service


This Friday, 24th April 2015, we will be commemorating ANZAC Day and the Centenary of the Gallipoli landing.

The commemoration will begin at 9am in the Sports Centre. We would be delighted have you participate in this commemoration. 

Following this, there will be a morning tea with hot drinks and ANZAC biscuits. You are then invited to join us in the Learning Centre and see what we have been learning about.