Term 4, Week 5 Reflection

This week we really enjoyed Wednesday because it was a non-Specialist rotation day. On this day we did some Art with Adam, and with Robert we conducted a science experiment in which we made ice-cream in a bag. The ice-cream tasted like vanilla ice-cream, even without vanilla in it – it was awesomely delicious. Also this week, we have enjoyed starting our new Inquiry about Chemical Science and in particular we enjoyed examining different types of gloves. Plus, we loved the fact that this week was only 3 days long!!!

Some interesting things that we have learnt this week include the chance dice game and about spinning tops (that didn’t work properly). We learnt how to make ice-cream without an ice-cream machine or a freezer. In Art with Adam we learnt how to create a drawing with a vanishing point in the middle of the page.

Our goal for next week is to pay more attention while on the floor and to respect each other when people are talking.

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